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About us

Makfa is one of the largest processing ventures in Russia, located in the Southern Urals. It is a sustainable innovative company that employs a team of professionals possessing both creative and entrepreneurial potential and success-oriented.

Capacity-wise, Makfa is number one in Russia and Eastern Europe. If you line up all the pasta packages Makfa produces in a year, it would be long enough to completely encircle the Equator.


Makfa is the largest Russian exporter of pasta in 20 countries of Europe, Asia, South and North America and the CIS. Exported products are represented by the brands Makfa and Grand di Pasta. Apart from pasta, we supply flour of superior quality and highly-purified groats.

Makfa is one of the few Russian ventures with a complete production cycle, including its own grounds, powerful processing complex, and state-of-the-art production and packaging lines. The venture is listed in the Top-10 worlds largest manufacturers of pasta.


Ninety million Russian residents that is, 70% of the countrys entire population are loyal to Makfa pasta.
million Russian residents
million Russian residents
Twenty million Russian residents buy only Makfa brand pasta.