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Pasta under the “Ìàkfà” and “Grand di Pasta” trademarks is manufactured using state-of-the-art Italian equipment, out of the best grades of durum wheat cultivated on the company’s own agricultural grounds.

The “Makfa” brand enjoys the intense confidence of consumers in over 20 countries world-wide.  According to the authoritative consulting company, the “Makfa” brand is number 3 in the rating of world pasta brands.
Classic pastas under the “Ìàêfà” trademark are made following a traditional Italian technology and using state-of-the-art Italian equipment.

The exclusive recipe for pasta under the “Grand di Pasta” trademark was purchased from an old family production venture located in the very south of Italy. Bright and strong packaging constantly attracts attention and safely maintains the product’s best properties for the customers.



Only natural ingredients of the highest quality are used in the production of “Makfa” pasta, with no colorants or preservatives added. In the manufacture of multicolored pasta we use only natural additives, such as tomatoes, spinach and powdered eggs.






“Makfa” pasta

Packaged grade A “Makfa” pasta is made of the best durum types and positioned in the “medium” and “medium plus” price segments. Due to its exceptional quality and ideal value for the money, it is an absolute sales leader in this segment within Russia and covers about a 35% market share cost-wise.

“Makfa” is also the leader in consumer degree of recognition, loyalty and trust.
The awareness of the brand is 98% and the loyalty to it is over 70%.
In each stage of each product type’s manufacture, strict quality control is implemented, and as a result, for over 10 years, the “Makfa” brand has been associated with exceptionally high quality and the excellent taste of its products.


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“Grand di Pasta”

Packaged grade A pasta “Grand di Pasta” is made of selected durum types following an old-time recipe of an Italian family firm and positioned in the “premium” price segment.

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Makfa flour

Due to a special technology, “Makfa” flour is light and fine, with a magnificent white color. The “Makfa” company supports the centuries-old Russian traditions of flour-milling production by coming up with the top grade and highest quality flour complying with the strict standards and tastes of the most exacting consumers.

Flour of this quality ensures the production of sensational confectionary.

“Makfa” flour has consistent consumer characteristics producing the intended baking outcome every time. The top grade snow-white soft wheat flour “Makfa” is in high demand due to its excellent baking properties. Its convenient, ecological packaging preserves the products perfectly.



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“Makfa” groats

“Makfa” groats are presented in a wide range of the most popular grains enjoying a consistent demand. They are packaged in convenient cooking bags. A special system of extra purification eliminates the tiniest contaminants from the groats. Micronization technology increases their nutritional properties, helping the body to better absorb the vitamins and microelements saturating the grains.


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