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Health and nutrition

Pasta made of durum wheat and groats is the basis of healthy, adequate nutrition for the entire family, starting with the first adult food for infants. We need proper meals for our well-being. Durum wheat and groats are a great source of useful energy. Pastas by Makfa facilitate health improvement and are positioned as a Better-for-you product.

In the manufacture of multicolored pasta we use only natural additives, such as tomatoes, spinach and powdered eggs; therefore, it is suitable for any consumer categories.

Makfa pasta consists solely of natural ingredients, no colorants or preservatives added.

Nutrition and national health

A nations health starts with the health of the family, and the familys health starts with such products as it includes in its everyday menu.

Pasta is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet which is considered a global heritage by UNESCO.

Pasta under the trademarks kf and Grand di Pasta are produced out of the best durum wheat cultivated on the companys own agricultural grounds.

The primary products grow in the most suitable and ecological regions. The actual production facilities are located in the countryside, away from industrial plants. Quality control throughout the production process enables us to guarantee healthy safe products to each and every customer.