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Traditions and innovations

The production of pasta combines the traditions of classic pasta recipes and state-of-the-art technologies. There should be nothing excessive, no artificial flavorings of any kind only the purest water and flour made of durum with carefully selected characteristics ensuring the highest consumer properties of the product, such as the shape, color, taste, storage and cooking performance. Our pasta is an excellent basis for adequate healthy nutrition, both day-to-day and on special occasions!

Our pasta

excellent foundation for good nutrition in everyday life,
and in the holidays!

Throughout the production process, from grain selection to packaging and storage of the end product, state-of-the-art technologies are implemented.

The company Makfa has existed since 1937 and this whole time it has had a prominent position in the market. During the last decade it has been spearheading the market of pasta and flour and ranking as a leader in the Russian market. Worldwide, its production capacity enables the company to compete with the major European corporations. Makfa consistently belongs to the Top-10 worlds largest pasta manufacturers.