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Makfa groats

f is a brand that has gained its popularity thanks to the top quality of its products. kfa groats are even purer than the state standard requires. The micronization process improves the grains nutritional properties while preserving its vitamin and mineral content. Makfa manufactures the most popular groats, such as round-grain rice, long-grain rice, long-grain steam-treated finished rice, un-ground buckwheat, crushed buckwheat, crushed peas, millet, fine-and ground barley. Makfa is the only company in Russia that commercially manufactures semolina out of durum wheat. Durum semolina is not only tasty, but healthy as well!

All groats under the Makfa trademark undergo additional purification from dirt and mineral additives; the technological pattern includes stoning machines and magnet catchers, and because of them, groats under the Makfa trademark require no additional sorting.

Using a special thermal treatment plant, buckwheat is exposed to IR-light and as a result the grains nutritional and caloric value increases, its surface is disinfected, and its cooking time is significantly reduced.

Buckwheat unground

Long grain rice

Rice grain round

Steamed rice

Millet polished

Crushed peas

Barley grits

Wheat groats

Semolina in a carton

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