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Our products are exported to 20 countries around the world.
Own branches and representative offices in Brazil and Ukraine.
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Ecological safety of production and environmental awareness are among the top priorities of Makfa. We believe that society cannot progress without a balanced combination of economic, ecological and social goals. In order to preserve the environment and fulfill its ecological goals, our company manages all environmental aspects, from primary product control through production and to the end product and its packaging.



Implementation of current technologies

Production at Makfa is based on current energy-efficient technologies; it enables the company to minimize the emission of air pollutants, including greenhouse gases. Specific greenhouse gas emissions per unit of the companys product approach zero. The technological effectiveness of the production process and high-rate energy efficiency save the energy resources of our planet for the future generations, improve the companys economic indexes and competitive ability.

Constant quality control for primary products

To produce high-grade foodstuffs in compliance with accepted standards, Makfa uses only primary products of approved quality. Constant control is exercised over primary products used for each product batch.



Safe production environment

The social dimension of the company is also reflected in creating a safe production environment for every employee. This framework embraces regular control of working conditions, production process optimization, personnel training and medical care for the companys employees.


Emissions reduction

In its production technology the company implements treatment plants for maximum purification, reduction of negative impact on the environment and human health maintenance. The companys specialists keep records of the quantitative and qualitative composition of air pollution.



Leftovers management

The company implements a rational treatment system for packaging leftovers. To minimize consumption of packaging materials, technology uses automated packaging complexes. The packaging materials leftovers are re-used and handed over for recycling. By-products of grain processing and grain leftovers are used for fodder production.


Compliance with environmental legal norms and principles

In compliance with international and local legal norms, the operations of the Makfa company are conducted subject to licensing, project and permit documentation.